In the December, 2016 article "Michigan Earns a C-Minus on State Report Card, Ranks 34th in Nation,” Education Weekly reported Michigan schools were not only ranked 34th in the nation, but also received a dismal D– in funding and a D in K-12 achievement.

Teachers never had it as easy as some claimed, but the overwhelming bureaucratic red tape and ceaseless assaults on their pay and benefits suggest several bleak outcomes are on the horizon

#1 Graduating seniors no longer pursue careers in education. Within 20 years, we will experience a critical teacher shortage resulting in classroom overcrowding and the need to drastically lowers standards.

#2 Michigan students will continue to fall farther behind on the national stage, making it harder for our brightest kids to get into prestigious universities and special programs.

We need to put more money into our schools, and take out as much of the mind-numbing testing and test preparation as possible. We need to give our teacher’s the respect they deserve and a bit more freedom to teach their students creatively.

Furthermore, the privatization of education (i.e. charter schools) hasn’t worked. These schools were anticipated to improve test scores and post-graduation success for their students. They have failed.  As a state, we need to have an open, honest discussion about the real costs and value of charter schools, and the crisis they have created in our public schools.


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